How to create a ‘better’ Facebook story

In an effort to improve its brand, Facebook has recently updated its News Feed to include a new section for its most popular stories.While some news stories on the page will remain unchanged, a number of others will be updated to better reflect the news environment in Africa.While this is […]

‘We will not allow any other country to have a media outlet’: Media rights groups to lobby for change

MEDIA ONE online news service MEDIA ONLINE news,media,online,online news,online source Googlenews title ‘I will not permit a foreign media outlet to operate in this country’: US media groups to fight for media rights article MEDIONITY NEWS online news,news,online and local,online local source Google news title ‘It’s not the first time […]

Which video games are worth watching online?

Here at TechRadars, we have the most-anticipated games to be released this year, including an amazing Assassin’s Creed game that has been in development for a while now.We also have some games we’re excited about that we can’t wait to see come out next year.And for those who prefer to […]