How to get the most out of your Twitter account

This post was written by Michael P. Hennig, Google Assistant Manager of Google Search.Follow us on Facebook for the latest news on Google Assistant, Google+, Google+, and more.If you are looking for a way to make your Twitter feed feel more real and engaging, you might be interested in our […]

When is a new media online? | New media online

The internet is full of websites and apps.But it also contains sites and apps that don’t yet exist, or aren’t even on the internet yet.The result is a lot of confusion about which is which.Here’s a primer to help.In the digital era, we’re seeing a rise of new media websites […]

How much does the Internet cost?

The Internet is now costing about as much as it used to — and that’s because of two things: the increase in prices for software, and the increasing cost of bandwidth.In most cases, these costs are passed along to consumers, but not always.Some people also pay for the data that’s […]