Google is to add ‘internet TV’ to its TV Everywhere lineup

Google is rolling out a feature that lets TV Everywhere users watch live TV, movies and other content online.

The company is rolling the feature out to existing TV customers on the first day of the month, with other TV services expected to follow soon.

Google says the feature is “designed to enhance the experience of watching live TV,” while offering up an overview of live TV and showing a preview of the new ‘internet’ section in the TV Everywhere app.

The feature is free to anyone who signs up for Google TV.

The feature allows TV Everywhere subscribers to watch live and on-demand TV content online from Google TV, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, as well as watch on-premises content from companies like Amazon, Google and Vudu.

The TV Everywhere feature is expected to be rolled out across the entire Google TV family of products and will roll out to new devices starting later this month, Google says.

The service, which launched earlier this year, offers Google TV customers a selection of on-and-off content, including live sports, sporting events, documentaries and original series.

Google also plans to add the feature to existing devices by the end of the year.