Cardinal D’Ambrosio on Cardinal Bernard Lawyer’s ‘disrespectful’ comments on ‘feminism’

Cardinal Dampier D’Agostino has slammed Cardinal Bernard Lawrence’s comments about “feminism” on his Twitter account, accusing him of being “disrespectfully ignorant”.

The Cardinal made the comments in a message to the Pope on Tuesday, which the Pope read aloud on the internet and which was later shared by his Vatican spokesperson.

“I am sickened by Cardinal Lawrence’s disrespectful remarks,” the Pope said.

“His comments are deeply offensive to the Catholic faith and the dignity of the Church.”

The Vatican spokesperson also posted a message on Twitter that said that the Vatican had issued a public apology.

“As Cardinal Dampedore said, I am sick with sadness,” the Vatican said.

“This is a great day for the Church, for humanity and for the world.

The Church is a beacon of truth, a beacon to the world, a voice of hope.”

The Pope’s message has since been retweeted by hundreds of people and shares on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have also been flooded with comments about the comment, which Dampio described as “unacceptable”.

“What I said was not about the Pope, but about his office, because I did not understand it,” he said.

The Cardinal is the first Italian pope to take a public stand on the issue.

Last month, he said that if the Vatican’s decision not to recognize same-sex marriage is overturned in Italy, it will be “a scandal for all”.

The Vatican said that Cardinal Dampsio was referring to the case of an Italian man who has been imprisoned in the US on charges of assaulting a lesbian couple and has sought asylum in Italy.

The Pope has not publicly commented on the case, which is pending in Italy and has caused widespread outrage in the Italian Catholic Church.