Brazilian opposition leader, ‘not an enemy’ of president’s government, says he will run for president

Brazil’s opposition leader has called for his political rivals to abandon their alliance and focus on running for president in 2018.

Borja Youssef, who is the countrys largest opposition politician, told Brazil’s TV Globo on Tuesday that the current system in the country was “not the right one”.

He added that it was not enough to merely criticize the current president, Eduardo Cunha, but to actually run for office.

Youssef also warned that the political elite in Brazil had grown accustomed to working together with the president and that his administration would not be able to protect the country.

Cunha’s government is the first in the Americas to be toppled since the US toppled his predecessor, the late Hugo Chavez, in 1998.

The opposition leader was arrested on charges of inciting hatred and violence during a protest in December last year.

The arrest was followed by an investigation into allegations that Cunhams supporters were involved in the killing of protesters in the city of Manaus in December.

The charges against Yousseff and his party were dropped, but a court acquitted him on other charges last month.

Yousef has been outspoken against corruption in the ruling coalition and has also spoken out against the corruption and impunity in Brazil.

He has called on the public to boycott companies that support Cunhas government.

The president has also been under intense criticism for the death of his wife, who was found dead in his hotel room in Rio de Janeiro in February.

The government has been under scrutiny in recent months after it was revealed that some of the bodies of the president’s closest allies had been found in the river.

The investigation into the deaths of the President’s close associates was launched by prosecutors and prosecutors have said they believe the deaths are linked to a political conspiracy.

The police have also reportedly opened an investigation following the arrest of another prominent opposition leader in the wake of the deaths.