How to use the free video-sharing site YouTube to embed YouTube-like videos online

Posted November 21, 2018 06:59:28How to use YouTube to add YouTube-style video-share links to websites or blogs using JavaScript code written in JavaScript language?

A quick look at how it works and how to get started on how to use it is the subject of this article. 

The trick is to set up a video-embedding service that works with YouTube-compatible browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE, as well as the HTML5 video-player. 

You can also use an alternative browser, such as the popular Microsoft Edge browser. 

If you have a browser that doesn’t support HTML5, you can install a plug-in for YouTube, such a YouTube-based video-translator, and embed a YouTube video with that plug-ins video-play-out-video, video-clip-out, and video-tag-out functionality. 

I’ve created an example of how to do this with a WordPress blog. 

It works in Firefox and Opera.

I’ll explain why you might want to use a different browser later on. 

A good way to start is to create a website that displays videos using a YouTube embedding plugin. 

There are two ways to do it.

The first is to use an HTML5-based website with a video player. 

As mentioned, I’ve written about how to create an HTML-based WordPress blog with an HTML 5 video-playing plugin.

This plugin, called YouTube-lite, is a plug in for YouTube. 

To set up the plugin, you’ll need a YouTube client. 

This plugin is available in Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. 

Install it from here . 

Once you’ve installed the plugin and have the YouTube video-streamer installed, you’re ready to use your own YouTube-enabled website. 

Create a new WordPress blog using the YouTube plugin Create a new website with the YouTube-video-streaming plugin, using the Google Fonts Toolset. 

Select the “YouTube” section and click on the “Add New Website” button. 

Once it’s created, click on “New Site” on the drop-down menu. 

Then click “Add Site”. 

Then, in the “Settings” section, click “YouTube embeds” and choose “YouTube video embeds”. 

Add the following code to the “head” section of the template:

<!— Set the width of the video in pixels.


–> <!– Set the audio channel to play the video on.


<!– Set a title to the title of the YouTube Video.

–> You can now embed YouTube videos using this plugin.

A quick Google search on YouTube-lite will return lots of videos with this title. 

YouTube-lite is a great way to add videos to websites and blogs using HTML5 HTML5 embedding. 

One of the best things about using this technique is that you can easily add additional features to your WordPress site or blog without changing your WordPress theme. 

Try adding video-tags and other content elements. 

Add a sidebar. 

Display a banner for a video. 

Update the blog post content. 

Make it easy to find the post. And