Why is there a new ad campaign in Texas targeting the internet?

Mashable is partnering with Local Media Online to produce a new online ad campaign to reach local news media.

The campaign will target the internet, local news, social media, news and more.

The goal is to help connect local media outlets and journalists to the growing digital media landscape.

The new campaign will begin airing in Texas in the coming weeks.

The campaign will be funded by a partnership between the newsroom of the Houston Chronicle and local news organizations.

This partnership will help local news outlets and other news organizations reach more readers and reach audiences online, said Michael D’Arcy, the news editor of the Chronicle’s website.

“It’s a great partnership that will help us to connect local reporters with the newsrooms that will ultimately be their primary audiences,” he said.

The partnership will run through the end of the month.

“The newsrooms of the cities and towns that are featured in this campaign will see a tremendous amount of traffic from people who are coming online to our site to see our work,” said D’Ercy.

“We hope to see some new traffic coming into these sites as well.”

The campaign is not unique to Houston.

It’s been running in other cities as well.

The Chronicle’s Houston bureau is one of those local newsrooms.

Local media outlets like ABC News, USA Today, and CBS News are among the publishers who have signed on for the campaign.

The National Public Radio and PBS stations have also partnered with local news sites to create the campaign, which is available for viewing online.ABC News’ Austin bureau has also announced that it will host the campaign and has reached out to other local news networks to help promote it.

“Our commitment to local news is the core of our mission,” said Ann M. McPherson, director of news at ABC News.

“And the fact that we are able to help local journalists reach the audience that they have created through their work is very gratifying.”

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