What’s new in the online media stocks?

Here are the most interesting trends in the digital media markets in the last week.


Amazon Prime Video is now the No.1 online video seller among Indians.

The Indian e-commerce company said on Tuesday that its video sales had reached more than 1 billion views, which is higher than any other online video company.

Prime Video has about 2.6 billion subscribers and it is available on all mobile devices.


The online gaming market is going through a huge transition with a number of online video games launching online.

There are more than 250 online video game titles in India.

According to data from the National Games Centre, there are more people playing online games than there are games in the US, Canada and Europe.

A study by Indian game developer Digital Entertainment Research Institute said the total number of users playing online video gaming in India was 4.5 million in 2016-17.

A further 2.1 million users are playing in offline mode, which means that they are not connected to the internet.


The biggest online game publisher, Electronic Arts, is set to release an online game that will be available in early 2020.

EA’s upcoming game, Star Wars Battlefront, is expected to be the first of many games to be released online in the coming years.


In the second week of April, Amazon India has announced that it has been accepting payments on Amazon.com for purchases of physical goods through its online shopping platform.

The payment option is limited to Rs. 50,000 ($7.65).

The payment will be processed within two business days.


The company said that it is looking to expand its online retail business, particularly through e-book and audio books.

The move comes after Amazon India had already signed up the e-reader business with Sony and Apple.


Flipkart, the country’s largest e-tailer, is launching a mobile-centric business in India, which it hopes to launch by end of 2020.

The service will offer e-books and other online books for free to users who subscribe to Flipkarts e-learning service.


Indian companies are also investing in online video.

A leading online video streaming service, Flipkarn, has invested in its own Indian content production company, The Company, to make Indian-language films available on its platform.

FlipKarn has partnered with Netflix, Amazon Prime and other big video platforms.

The startup has also partnered with Facebook.


OneIndia, a popular mobile app platform for the Indian mobile market, has started selling its content on Flipkard and Amazon.

This means that its content is available for free on FlipKart and Amazon and can be viewed by customers from anywhere in the world.


OneNews has been investing in its e-content business, and is set up as a hub for content and content creation.

It has invested about Rs. 25 crore ($1.3 million) in content and created content through its content platform.


Online video services are getting bigger.

Netflix has partnered up with Indian online streaming service Weebly and will launch a service that will enable users to watch movies and TV shows on Weeblys app.

Weeblies app has also announced that a service will launch that will allow users to stream content from Netflix, YouTube and other platforms.


Flipki, the largest online video service in India is investing in an Indian-themed business that will cater to the Indian market.

The app is already available on Flipki’s app for Indian users.


The video app maker Freekart is also expanding its business in the video market.

It is working with YouTube to make content available on the company’s mobile app.


There is a surge in online shopping in India that is driven by the demand for offline goods.

Many people have already taken advantage of the government’s demonetisation move.

Consumers in India have been making online shopping a viable option for a long time.

The country’s e-wallets have grown and merchants are also adding more online stores to their inventory.

In May, a new company called Amazon.in launched a marketplace for online and offline items in India to cater to customers in India’s remote rural areas.


Amazon has a presence in the offline shopping space too.

Amazon started offering a service in May that allows consumers to buy online from a store or a merchant’s website in a shop.

Amazon also recently launched a mobile app called Amazon App, which allows customers to shop online.


The India Online Shopping Association is a trade association of online shopping services that has about 25 members.

The association’s website offers a wide range of resources and information on how to get started with online shopping.


The Amazon Prime video app has just started to launch in India with more than a dozen video channels on offer.

The platform has been a major success for Amazon, which has been the No 2 e-retail