Israel’s Channel 2: The war is over!

Channel 2 News will be replaced with the Israel Broadcasting Authority in the coming days.

The news channel will remain in the same position as it was in 2015.

The move was made in the wake of Channel 2’s decision to report on the 2014 war with Gaza and the death of two Channel 2 cameramen.

The decision came following a meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Channel 2 president Ronen Bergman.

“Today I decided to take a step towards the end of the war,” Netanyahu said during a press conference in the capital.

“I have decided to announce the end to the conflict, and I have decided the channel will be moved to the Channel 2 newsroom in Jerusalem.

We will now work towards a peace agreement with the Palestinians and the Israelis.”

The Channel 2 executives will be appointed by Bergman, a former Israeli military officer, and will be based in the Channel’s Jerusalem headquarters.

Channel 2 will have a staff of five people.

A full replacement announcement will be made by Bergamens successor, the prime minister.

Bergman has said he expects the move to have a positive effect on the station, which has been under a state of emergency since the beginning of the conflict in 2014.

He said the move is a response to the recent deaths of two of his staff members.