The Rise and Fall of Trump’s White House Chief Strategist: ‘The Left Is Winning’

Donald Trump is back at the top of the polls in the 2016 election, thanks in large part to a wave of negative coverage from the left and some surprising gains from the GOP’s moderate wing.

But his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is not on the ballot for reelection in 2020, according to a CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday.

The poll showed Bannon’s approval rating at 41 percent.

The survey also found that Trump is losing favor with both independents and Democrats.

The numbers are bad news for the GOP.

More than three-quarters of voters said they were either very or somewhat dissatisfied with Trump, and more than half of Democrats said the same.

The GOP also trails among white voters, with the party’s support dropping to 33 percent from 35 percent a year ago.

“This is a time when we need to work on winning,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement.

“We can’t allow the media and the left to turn us into a cult of personality, a party of fear and division.”

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked Republicans how they felt about Trump’s presidency and whether they are still confident about their party’s chances in the coming elections.

About three-fourths of Republicans surveyed said they think Trump has lost the trust of voters.

And only 17 percent said they are confident about the GOP winning the presidency.

Camerota: So how is it that so many Republicans are saying that?

Priebus: Well, there’s a couple of reasons, Alislyn.

First of all, the president is a man who is deeply unpopular with his base, and he’s not popular with most Americans.

He has been very divisive, he has been a disaster for the economy, he’s a disaster in foreign policy, he was the architect of the Iran deal, he said we should go after ISIS, he pushed out every single senior military officer.

So that, frankly, is something that you can’t get around.

And secondly, I think that it’s really important for Republicans to be mindful of that, because it’s a moment where there’s tremendous pressure from the Left and from some of our other groups, to have a conversation about what our policies should be.

CNN’s Brian Stelter asked RNC Chairman Reuter how he thinks Trump’s election could impact the GOP in 2020.

Reuter: I think it’s going to be a very, very important year.

It’s going be a year of great change.

We’ve got to get the country back on track.

We have to bring back manufacturing jobs.

We need to have new ideas for how we can rebuild our economy.

And it’s time to bring together all of our constituencies, including the blue-collar people, and it’s also time to talk about economic fairness.

That’s a message that Trump himself delivered to supporters on the campaign trail.

CNN Political Editor Paul Steinhauser asked Priebus whether the party should start talking about how to fix things like health care and other issues in the near future.

Priebus: Look, we’re going to do the best we can.

We’re going on this journey, and we’re all on this road together.

We are going to have challenges.

We will be challenged by the media.

We’ll have challenges from our opponents.

We all are going through difficult times.

We just have to move forward.

And we are going have to win the election.

And then we’re gonna go to work making those changes happen.

But I do think that we have to be careful in how we look at it, because we have a long road ahead.