Media group launches new online platform for local news

This week, a new digital platform was launched to help local news organisations make their local news more engaging and relevant.

The launch of NewsOne, a joint venture between news outlets that are the largest in Ireland, and NewsOne NewsOnline, is a first-of-its-kind initiative.

NewsOne News online will be a hub for local Irish news organisations that produce and publish original, local, and regional content.

It will be powered by a network of over 2,000 content publishers, covering more than 10,000 stories and over 250 local news websites.

NewsOne news will be delivered in English and French.

The NewsOne platform will be launched alongside a global collaboration on Irish-language content, the NewsOne Ireland, that will provide local news for Ireland.

“Local news is not just a matter of opinion,” said Fintan MacLeod, Chief Executive of Newsone NewsOnline.

“The local content that we deliver to Irish audiences has a direct impact on the lives of people across the country and in communities across the world.”

The News One platform will offer news for Irish readers, with more than 50 local and regional news organisations participating, and an extensive catalogue of local and international news content.

“There is an important role for local journalism in the digital landscape,” said NewsOne Executive Director David Loughran.

“Our local news is important for all of us and our readers.

It is vital that it is in our news feeds, that it has an impact on our lives, and that it makes us feel good about our communities.

This platform will allow us to provide that for our readers and our audience.”