News site to run ‘real-time’ Twitter feed

A news website will be able to send tweets from its own feed and share them across Twitter, the broadcaster has announced.

The move comes as news organisations face increasing pressure to take real-time action on news stories.

News site, news, online article A user can view a live feed of a news website using their smartphone or tablet, or visit the site’s official Twitter account to see all tweets from the site.

The site has been running a Twitter feed since June 2014.

The decision was welcomed by news website The Telegraph, which was using Twitter as a platform to share news stories from across the world.

A user could view a feed of The Telegraph online from a smartphone or from their tablet.

The publication, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, also runs a news feed for its website.

It uses the feed to promote articles and other content.

News outlets and social media companies have faced increasing pressure in recent years to take more proactive steps to fight fake news.

Twitter has long been used as a tool for sharing news, but this will be the first time the feed will be open to the public.

“Twitter is a great platform for sharing information, but we know that it has weaknesses,” the news website’s head of product, Andrew Brown, said.

“It is open for everyone to use but the real power lies in the ability to share real-world news with your followers, and we hope this will change that.”

News website, news article The new feed will allow news organisations to share stories in real time, Brown added.

The new feature will be available to any news site, but Brown said the website will not be able use the feed exclusively.

News website and news article This will be an open-source, publicly accessible feed.

“We have had the feed for some time, but it’s a new thing for the organisation,” Brown said.

The news website has been using the feed since the summer.

News organisation, news source, online news article A source can search the feed and see all the tweets from a news site and then share them with their followers.

“If the reader can click on a tweet, they can share it with their friends or followers,” Brown explained.

The feed will also show the latest headlines from the news site.

“Our aim is to show the world what the news is about,” Brown added, adding that the feed is designed to be a “one-stop shop” for news, with links to news articles.

The News Telegraph, for example, will have a feed for stories on the Zika virus, global warming, and Brexit.

“A news feed on the news can look like this: It will show a feed that looks like a news article.

It can show a news story about a particular subject, or show news from across a variety of different news outlets,” Brown told reporters.

News source, internet online source, social media online source The News website has a feed dedicated to international news and the latest news.

“When people want to get news from all around the world, we can do that,” Brown noted.

“This will allow us to show them what the world is really about.”

The News site has a Twitter account for sharing stories, but no official feed.

It will be providing the new feed through a website that is not connected to Twitter.

“The site will have its own Twitter feed that will be visible from anywhere on the internet,” Brown confirmed.