Media companies to take aim at online piracy by adding online services

The biggest media companies in the world are set to launch new online services that will give users the option to watch their favourite shows and movies online.

The services include online streaming service Netflix and movie-going app Amazon Prime.

Netflix and Amazon will also be launching on the internet on the same day, and on Tuesday, the two companies will announce that their services will soon be available to everyone, with more services to come.

The companies have been keen to promote their services in the run-up to the holiday season as part of a campaign to curb the rise in internet piracy.

The big three publishers – Netflix, Amazon and Disney – have been working hard to attract a wider audience to their services as they attempt to boost subscription revenues.

The digital giants have also invested heavily in their own subscription services.

Netflix, which has a 25% market share in Australia, recently launched an online service called Go, which allows users to watch films and TV series for free in a library-style setting.

Amazon, which is home to HBO, has launched its own streaming service, Amazon Prime Video, which will be available in Australia on Monday.

Disney has also started offering a video-on-demand service, Disney Movies Anywhere, for the first time in the US.

In an article for Reuters on Tuesday night, Disney chief operating officer Bob Iger said the service would be available on Netflix on the day of launch.

“Disney is excited to launch Disney MoviesAnywhere on the first day of availability in Australia,” Iger wrote.

“We are working with Netflix to expand to Australia and other markets soon.”

Netflix said in a statement on Tuesday that it was working with Amazon to offer its services in Australia.

“Our goal is to make Disney Movies Everywhere available to all Australians, including those who are currently not able to access Netflix, so we can bring Netflix’s best films to life on the big screen,” the company said.

“In Australia, Netflix is an important tool for people looking to access Disney movies.

We are pleased to be able to offer Netflix’s films to Australians in a convenient way.”

The move comes amid concerns about piracy, with online platforms like Amazon and Netflix now competing to grab a bigger share of the viewing market.

Netflix’s own subscription service, Prime Video has had a significant impact on the company’s fortunes, with its original content having more than doubled in the past 12 months.