The best places to eat, drink and play online for a change

NEW YORK — With all of the big tech companies dominating the internet, the world is still awash in cheap and easy ways to get online.

But the new year is full of new ways to stay connected to friends, family and business associates.

For the first time, we’re looking at the top 10 most popular online places to meet people and get in touch with others.

We’re also offering you a little taste of what’s to come.

Here are the top places to stay online for the first week of the new century.1.

YelpFor the most part, online reviews and ratings are the most reliable way to gauge a company’s reputation.

But what if there were a way to get a company to open up to you and show you their side of the story?

Yelp lets you see who is giving you the best reviews, but it also lets you connect with them in real-time and get the inside scoop on what they’re thinking and feeling.

It’s the Yelp for business.

You can see who’s giving you a positive review and get more info on the company from within the app, where you can also create an account.2.

TripAdvisorFor travelers who have to make the long trek to work or school, there are plenty of online travel agencies to choose from.

But for a bit more value, TripAdvisers can be used to book hotel stays or car rental deals online.

It also lets your business find deals for other companies to rent out rooms, cars or planes.3.

BackpageFor travelers looking to have a little bit of freedom and a bit of anonymity online, Backpage offers an affordable way to sell drugs and sex to people who are looking to buy them.

You don’t have to have the drug or sex to advertise on Backpage, so you can advertise on any page or site.4.

AirbnbIf you’ve been to a lot of conventions or meet-ups, you might be familiar with the term Airbnb.

But that might be a little outdated, especially if you have a small-business and don’t want to share your room with anyone.

Airbnb lets you rent out your room for the night, so it’s an easy way to keep track of what you’re doing and what people are showing up to.5.

PinterestFor those of us who love our friends and family, Pinterest is the place to find all sorts of cute and quirky things.

For the rest of us, there’s a way you can make your friends and your family more accessible to your online fans.

It can be as simple as sharing an image or video from your camera roll with a friend, or you can add the person’s face or picture to your profile.6.

AirbnbFor those who want to make a living selling travel and lodging, Airbnb is a great way to do so.

It lets you book hotels and apartments for your friends or family, and it can even help you find places to rent or sell things.7.

GoogleFor those seeking out information on places and places to see, Google has been around for decades.

It provides a wealth of information about things, places and things.

It even gives you an online map of your local area.

You’ll be able to see if there’s an Airbnb in your area and whether it’s available.8.


For people who want a little more control over what they see online, Yahoo!

lets you add filters to your search results to help you narrow down what you might want to see.

If you want to search for a specific person or place, you can do so right from your profile page.9.

TwitterFor the more tech-savvy, Twitter is the way to stay in touch and interact with people online.

The social network lets you tweet messages, photos, video clips and more directly from your phone or tablet, so your friends can see what you are saying.10.

RedditIf you like to share ideas and stories about anything from sports to the weather to the news, Reddit is the best place to do it.

It gives you the ability to comment on anything you post, and even the ability share your posts with your followers, so that you can share it on social media.