‘I am sick of playing with my daughter’: Mother of Brazilian woman killed in car crash on highway

The woman who died after a car smashed into a crowd on the highway in Brasilia has been named as Claudia Silva.

Claudia Silva was killed when her car was struck by a semi-trailer while trying to cross a highway in São Paulo state. 

The 32-year-old mother of two had recently celebrated her birthday in Brazil and had planned to return to the city for a holiday. 

She was killed instantly when she was struck from behind by the vehicle.

“It was a terrible accident,” her friend, Maria Maria, told local newspaper O Globo.

“She was not only my friend, she was my girlfriend.

I will never forget this moment.”

The driver of the semi-truck that struck her has not been arrested, but the police investigation is ongoing.

Her mother, Maria Silva, said she did not know the man who drove the vehicle, but said it appeared to be a black Audi.

“The driver did not even stop to look at her,” Maria said.

“He just got in the car, drove to the next road and then he drove on the other side of the road.”

When he saw my daughter, he didn’t stop.

He kept driving.

It was a horrible, terrible accident.

“The accident happened as thousands of people were attending a march to protest the corruption and impunity of President Michel Temer. 

Temer’s popularity has plummeted and he has lost popularity with the majority of Brazilians.