Why Ecuador’s internet is not working properly

Ecuador’s telecom operator has revealed it has been experiencing issues with its internet infrastructure and says it will launch a new service to fix the problem in the coming days.

A number of internet service providers in Ecuador said the problem was affecting their networks and that it would take “days” to resolve it.

Ecuador’s Telefonica, Intercom, Telesur and Videocon have all said they had been affected by the issue.

Telefonica spokesman Daniel Moya said the telecom operator had already begun testing its internet network.

“We have noticed that we are experiencing intermittent issues with some of our services.

We are taking all necessary measures to fix them and are ready to provide a new network to all users in the next few days,” he said.

Intercom spokesman Enrique Moya, said the company had been experiencing problems with its network.

“We have not experienced any problems with our service.

We’ve been testing our network and are confident that we will be able to resolve the issue as soon as possible,” he told AFP.

Telecommunications Minister Miguel Guevara, who is also the minister of industry and the environment, has promised to provide an update on the status of the internet by the end of the day.

He also promised that “all our internet providers will be tested”.

“We’re doing everything possible to fix it, and it will be up to all the internet users to choose how to react to the changes,” Guevaara said.

The internet in Ecuador has been a crucial link in the country’s telecommunications network since it joined the internet in 1998.

Since then, Ecuador has built a number of network upgrades, with a large portion of the country remaining unserved.

In 2018, the country had about one million internet users, with almost half of them being mobile.