Facebook’s new ads feature ‘don’t be afraid to ask’

Facebook has introduced a new ad feature that won’t be available to everyone until September.

The company announced the new ad features in a blog post on Wednesday.

“Our goal is to help our advertisers find the right audience for ads they’re targeting, but we want to make sure that it’s not too difficult for them to understand how our advertising works,” the post said.

“As we improve our ability to understand our audience and the needs of advertisers, we’ll continue to make these changes.”

The new ad system will allow advertisers to ask users for a certain amount of information before an ad appears.

Ads that request this information will be shown to users who are not logged into Facebook, who can then click on the button to opt out.

The system also offers a number of other tweaks.

It will no longer appear in the News Feed if a user is viewing an advertisement that isn’t approved for the News feed.

This will allow people to see what other people are seeing before clicking on the link.

And the new ads will no long appear in their News Feed.

The changes come just as the company is gearing up to launch its ad platform for mobile devices.

The feature will allow users to opt-out of ads they don’t want to see, but it will not allow people who do want to view the ads to opt in.

This could be an issue for advertisers who do not want to allow users who don’t wish to view ads to be able to opt into the new system.