How to read a Twitter message in 3 easy steps

A friend of mine recently asked me what I do when I don’t have an Internet connection.I replied with a simple, “Just read the tweet.”I figured the answer might be as simple as that, but as a seasoned tech reporter and an avid reader, I was skeptical.I figured I could […]

Cybercriminals using malware to steal online videos

Cybercrims using malware, viruses, and spyware to steal and sell online videos are a new threat for companies and governments, with researchers finding that some of the tactics are being used by the same people.As of last week, researchers at Trend Micro discovered that malicious software used in cybercrime was […]

What is a Media Cafe?

Newsrooms are where all the information is gathered and published.They are often run by a person with the same title and who has access to the same resources.A few months ago, we ran an article on what is a media cafe online.The idea behind a Media CafĂ© is that the […]