Which of the new Android phones is the best?

The most advanced, fastest, most affordable and most powerful Android phone in the world is the Xiaomi Mi 5.With its super-sharp and super-responsive display and 4G LTE connectivity, it is the first Android phone with dual-core processors and a whopping 1.5GHz Snapdragon 801 chip, and it has a stunning 4K […]

Mediawiki Online is back online after two months hiatus

Mediawiki is back, thanks to an unexpected donation from the Wikimedia Foundation.It was recently acquired by Wikimedia, and its website has been taken offline.The decision was made in May, when Mediawiki founder and CEO Robert Bowers decided to retire.But Wikimedia has not yet said how it will compensate Bowers for […]

When is the next virus online?

Online virus alerts, social media alerts and warnings are not a new phenomenon.They have been used to warn people to stay away from certain parts of the internet.But in the past few months, they have become more prominent, with news organisations, academics and security experts pointing to the spread of […]