How to keep your privacy online

If you are worried about your online identity, it may be worth taking the extra step of encrypting your data.The idea is to make it more difficult for anyone who is reading your messages or tracking your location to find out where you are.The latest technology has made it possible […]

When is the next virus online?

Online virus alerts, social media alerts and warnings are not a new phenomenon.They have been used to warn people to stay away from certain parts of the internet.But in the past few months, they have become more prominent, with news organisations, academics and security experts pointing to the spread of […]

Cybercriminals using malware to steal online videos

Cybercrims using malware, viruses, and spyware to steal and sell online videos are a new threat for companies and governments, with researchers finding that some of the tactics are being used by the same people.As of last week, researchers at Trend Micro discovered that malicious software used in cybercrime was […]