How to tell if you’re getting a good movie online

The following article by Chris Wollaston was originally published on May 14, 2018.It is reprinted with permission.The best online media streaming service you’ve never heard of, Netflix, just launched its own streaming service that will have all of your favorite movies, TV shows, and shows in one place.Netflix has a […]

Mediawiki Online is back online after two months hiatus

Mediawiki is back, thanks to an unexpected donation from the Wikimedia Foundation.It was recently acquired by Wikimedia, and its website has been taken offline.The decision was made in May, when Mediawiki founder and CEO Robert Bowers decided to retire.But Wikimedia has not yet said how it will compensate Bowers for […]

When will MTV launch a new YouTube channel?

MTV’s official YouTube channel is currently offline due to a massive cyberattack.According to reports, the YouTube channel was shut down on Thursday, March 18th at around 12:15pm BST, as the malicious malware was installed on its server.The channel was expected to be back online shortly afterwards, but was not.We reached […]