What is online? What does it mean?

With digital, there’s no place to hide.The internet is now ubiquitous and it’s spreading like wildfire, making it a natural extension of what we do on a daily basis.In a way, it is more than a mere “digital device”, but an extension of the people who live and work in […]

When will the digital gold exchange be operational?

Indonesia is set to have its first bitcoin-only currency exchange in the country’s capital Jakarta on Monday.The cryptocurrency exchange, called Bittrex, is scheduled to open at the same time as the first bitcoin exchange, Jakarta-based BitcoinCities, opens its doors in the capital’s central business district.A spokesperson for Jakarta-listed BitcoinCats told […]

When does it get weird to be a sports fan?

New Scientist online article On the eve of the world championship between the US and the Great Britain, the BBC News website was inundated with emails and tweets, with people asking: “Why is this happening?”“It is not just about football.It is about culture, it is about what people believe,” says […]