How to fix your TV set online

The Globe and Mail is reporting that many Canadian television sets are being bought online and in stores with the intention of using them to fix a TV that’s broken.The Globe and News reports that the process is being done by a small group of Canadian television repair companies, which […]

Which media training online courses are the best?

This week’s New Scientist cover story asks, “Which media training courses are most useful?”The answers vary according to your interests and needs.In some cases, the course can be a good way to meet new colleagues, as long as you know how to properly use the information that is delivered in […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Online News Feed

I’ve got the most interesting and important things about my life online.And I want them all to be accessible and relevant.That’s why I use the web and the apps, and why I write about it.The world needs more stories about the people and places we love.And to that end, I’m […]