Why are people being denied online access?

People who are unable to get online access to their own information, or that of others, are being subjected to a range of restrictions.There is a growing sense of unease that is affecting people’s lives online, and they are expressing their concerns to the media.The following is a list of […]

What is Twitter’s ‘fake news problem’?

Mashable is a service that provides information and commentary to users.But what exactly is a “fake news story” and what can you do about it?Read More on Mashable.The platform is designed to help you quickly and easily find the latest and most accurate news, but it also allows users to […]

How to keep your privacy online

If you are worried about your online identity, it may be worth taking the extra step of encrypting your data.The idea is to make it more difficult for anyone who is reading your messages or tracking your location to find out where you are.The latest technology has made it possible […]

How to play online video games?

A growing number of consumers are turning to online video gaming to get their hands on new movies and television shows.But are the online video game players who are buying and playing games on Amazon.com (AMZN) the same people who are watching Netflix?The answer is a bit of both, says […]