‘We will not allow any other country to have a media outlet’: Media rights groups to lobby for change

MEDIA ONE online news service MEDIA ONLINE news,media,online,online news,online source Googlenews title ‘I will not permit a foreign media outlet to operate in this country’: US media groups to fight for media rights article MEDIONITY NEWS online news,news,online and local,online local source Google news title ‘It’s not the first time […]

News site to run ‘real-time’ Twitter feed

A news website will be able to send tweets from its own feed and share them across Twitter, the broadcaster has announced.The move comes as news organisations face increasing pressure to take real-time action on news stories.News site, news, online article A user can view a live feed of a […]

A New York Times Bestseller! (Part 2)

A new book by New York magazine’s Calcolo Media editor-in-chief, Christopher Ryan, is being hailed as a “must-have” for everyone, including those in the publishing industry.Ryan’s book is a look at how the print and online world has changed over the last decade, with new platforms like Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, […]